Jason Mundin, MBA – CEO of Ubiquigent Ltd

In this episode of Life Science Success my guest is Jason Mundin, MBA who is the CEO of Ubiquigent.  Jason has over 30 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. He joined Ubiquigent in 2015 as Commercial Director, becoming Managing Director in 2018 and CEO in 2021. 

  • Jason Mundin is the CEO of Ubiquigent, a biotech company that focuses on drug discovery
  • They have taken the company from a loss-making biotech to a profitable one.
  • They are now focused on becoming a drug discovery-focused therapeutics company.
  • They are actively engaged in securing inward investment.
  • They are concerned about the state of funding for the life sciences industry.
  • They are excited about the potential of their programs and the value they can bring to the industry.
  • They believe that innovation is necessary due to limited resources and are constantly looking for ways to be innovative.
  • They are excited to attend conferences and connect with people who are interested in their work.


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