Jason Bock PhD – Founder and CEO, CTMC

In this episode my guest is Jason Bock PhD.  Jason is the CEO of CTMC / A joint venture between Resilience and MD Anderson Cancer Center.

  • Jason Bock has been in biotech and biopharma for over 20 years, mostly in Biologics development.
  • He founded Ctmc, a technology platform to industrialize cell therapies and bring them into the MD Anderson Clinic.
  • Ctmc is a joint venture between MD Anderson and National Resilience.
  • Ctmc partners with preclinical biotech, MD Anderson faculty, and Factus to provide a capital-efficient model to bring impactful single dose curative treatments to patients.
  • Ctmc has filed three INDs in the first six months since it spun off on novel cell therapies brought into the clinic.
  • Ctmc has progressed on the seven clinical studies that it supports.
  • Ctmc recently announced that it was the recipient of a $9.1 million grant to help develop cell therapy platforms and improved ways of making these cell therapies.
  • Jason is inspired by the patients and patient-centricity. He is concerned about the challenges, logistical and manufacturing challenges with autologous cell therapy. What excites him is the potential to transform healthcare and be single-dose curative treatments.


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