Dr Scott Wagers – CEO of BioSci Consulting, author of Assembled Chaos & Host of Beyond Publications Podcast

In this episode of the Life Science Success podcast, my guest is Dr. Scott Wagers.  Scott is the CEO of BioSci Consulting, the author of Assembled Chaos, and the host of Beyond Publications podcast. (Consortium Whisperer)


  • Dr. Scott Wagers helps people develop consortium projects to speed up the realization of the future of medicine.
  • The translational gap is the delay between research findings and clinical implementation, and it takes about 17 years to cross.
  • The bottleneck in the translational gap is the resistance to change and the lack of adoption.
  • AI has the potential to free humans to focus on what they’re really optimized for, which is creativity, pattern recognition, and working together.
  • The human mind is optimized for certain things that AI can free us to focus on.
  • Collective thinking of a bunch of different people is a very powerful computer in its own right.
  • Leadership isn’t just at the very top level; it’s at every level, down to the PhD student who writes an outline or an SOP.
  • Beyond Publications is a podcast about going beyond publications and pushing through the translational gap.
  • Patients inspire Dr. Scott Wagers, and the translational gap concerns him.
  • The dynamic of collective thinking and working together excites Dr. Scott Wagers.



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