Benedicta Durcan – CEO of Afrobodies


In this episode of Life Science Success my guest is Benedicta Durcan, CEO of Afrobodies. Her work experience has been in complex industries and environments spanning 12 years in Private Sector globally and 8 years in Public Sector in South Africa. I am an Upstream Oil & Gas and Maritime industry Specialist. I am an innovator and contributor in the field of STEM.

  • Benedicta Durcan is the co-founder and CEO of Afro Body, a biotechnology company in South Africa that produces biological products for global consumption, including novel antibodies.
  • Benedicta’s background is in chemical engineering, and she has worked in the oil and gas and energy sectors before starting Afro Body with co-founder Dr. Peter Durkin.
  • Afro Body’s antibodies are recombinant alpaca antibodies used in life science research, diagnostics, and therapeutics for various diseases.
  • Benedicta’s role involves stakeholder management and engagement, raising initial grant funding, building a team, finding collaborators and partnerships, and expanding the company’s global reach.
  • Companies and researchers come to Afro Body for custom antibodies to study specific proteins, detect or test for the presence of molecules or bacteria, or develop treatments for diseases.
  • Benedicta is inspired by the passing it on philosophy and believes in leaving a legacy for her children.
  • Benedicta is concerned about the geo policies, global economics, and competing priorities that exacerbate inequalities, particularly in access to lifesaving medicine.
  • Benedicta is excited about traveling and continually expanding her world and perspective.


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