Alex Zhavoronkov – CEO Insilico Medicine

by Jun 10, 2023Podcast0 comments

In this episode of Life Science Success my Guest is Alex Zhavoronkov.  Alex is the CEO Insilico Medicine an AI-powered drug discovery company.

  • Insilico Medicine has progressed three internally-derived assets into human clinical trials.
  • Insilico Medicine has discovered over 30 other programs in different stages.
  • Insilico Medicine incorporates three engines in their platform: biology, chemistry, and clinical.
  • They generate normal molecules with desired properties using 42 generative engines.
  • They have a system that predicts clinical trials outcomes.
  • Insilico Medicine’s main strategy is partnering with pharma companies at the preclinical candidate stage.
  • They value patient first, relentless innovation, and transparency and integrity.
  • Alex’s biggest concern is human tendency to prioritize unimportant things over important ones.
  • Alex is excited about large language models, multimodal generative AI, robotics, and quantum computing.